Thursday, November 01, 2007

Blog reboot

Yeah that's right, I'm starting over.

My old post yeah will still be up, but this blog is going to change. Maybe for the better, oh and Erifia just because I know your reading this.

"GET OUT OF MY ROOM, NOW! Becuase I'm coming back, you Tri-FREAK!"

For everyone else do stay and enjoy the show.

"Oh and before I forget Erifia, I'll see you in the pratice room 3am and don't be a second late. "

Joke is on her, I didn't tell her that she need to be there by our homeworld time or not.

"Don't take this out on me, I had nothing to do with it. Talk to the council if you want your proof."

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ryloth Part 3

They say home is where the heart is or something like that. Maybe I should have paid more attention in class. But with Erifia in almost all of my classes, I really had a hard time paying attention to the teachers.

As I stood there watching this candle flicker in the dying light. The force wrapped around me as a sadness that came as the candle flicker and went out.

I stood still as I waited for whoever to relight their candle but as the hours went by I realized that the person who lit it may have been trying to tell their love one to come home.

I slowly turned and walked away, knowing that I wasn't the one they were waiting for to come home. I knew if they had seen me that I have made one more mistake by turning away and leaving. But I wasn't who they thought I was so for the most part it was for the best.

And no one at the temple would do such a thing for me anyway.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Note from Boots

Remember me from Last Gladiator Standing!?!? That's right I'm 'Yla sidekick, or at least I think I still am.

Well here's the thing, she's missing!! She walked off the ship a few days ago and as of now she hasn't come back or sent word to me.

Has anyone seen or heard from her. And no I don't mean Erifia but 'Yla.

Oh and don't tell Erifia that she's missing. Erifia would have a party, and then some if she don't show up soon.


PS - I really need to learn how to write in Basic!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Ryloth part 2 My home

As I landed my ship, I saw that my homeworld had changed since the last time I had been there.

I reminded myself that I had lost everything when I agreed to be a Jedi and now looking what is left of my home. I unclipped my lihgtsaber and placed it in a box.

"I don't need this anymore." I told myself as I left the ship.

I looked at Boots and slowly said "Stay with the ship, I'll be back before sunset." as I walked out of the ship and into the ruins of what use to be my parents home.

Images flashed before my eyes of things I wanted to forget. I slowly sat down on the floor and just stared at what should have been a happy, loving place. But it wasn't, I heard more yelling and dishes breaking then anyone else in the order.

I started to rock slowly back and forth as memories played in my head. As I remember my mother walking out the door followed shortly after by my father. I don't remember what happened but I do remember it was hours before my uncle came and took me back to his place.

After a while I got back up and brushed myself off as I decided to walk futher into the building.

I paused at a door that lead to court yard, I noticed that the sun was setting and I remembered that I told Boots that I would be back but I really had no intent on going back.

I don't think he knows that, I told myself as I walked through the court yard.

I stopped at a bench that was on the other side and sat down to watch the sunset. The rich colors were nothing that I've very seen before in my life.

As twilight set in around me I stood up and looked around. I noticed that there was a candle burning inside one of the buildings.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


As I made my way to Ryloth, I sat back and thought about the last time I had been home.
My heart raced as I thought about my uncle, and of those on my fathers side of family. None would be happy to see me.
Seeing how when I was a little child I helped Master Tholme and my master Quinlan Vos. And when I came back years later and killed my Uncle Pol.
I’ve also got no family left on Ryloth but it’s still home, seeing how my mother died when I was going on 3. She was expecting at the time that she died and it was around that time that my father ran off with another woman. I don’t remember if he left before or after she died but I do remember the pain of being forced to live with Uncle Pol and how he forced to me to learn how to dance from one of the older girls.
I’ve tried to forget those days and how much I’ve had to suffer.
When Master Tholme and Master Vos took me with them. Well after many long and pointless talks with my Uncle Pol, and seeing how in the end it came down to me having the last say. I don’t regret leaving but I do regret not know if I have younger sibling or not.
I wonder what other little family secrets or lies are waiting for me this time.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Back from the void!

I woke up in my bunk on my ship.
How odd my dreams have been these last few months. I think to myself as I start to think back to what had brought me to this point.
Last logical thing I could remember was that I was Hacknor on a show called Last Gladiator Standing.
But even that has been some time ago.
Maybe I should go back to Ryloth and find out why I'm having such odd dreams.

Thursday, June 29, 2006


Those vision they appear to be real but if they are then why don't I remember them so clearly!? It's almost as if someone may have placed them there for me to find. But they feel so real. It's almost hard to figure out what is real and what is not. Am I ever going to figure out if there visions are true, I don't know.
I tryed to reactive this metal bar but nothing. It's secrets lock away never to reappear before me.
Oh, I hope not but I don't know how I did what I did before. Try as I may I can't make it work like before.
Am I shell of a person? Have I really lost it? I kept asking myself.
I remember that man but little to nothing beyond that.
Did he place those visions there? And if so, how? I slowly started to shake.
Somewhere in the back of my mind, a picture of another appeared.
Who's that? Why does she look like me? Is she a family member, friend?
And then her death flashed before me.
It's....I felt my body give out as I start to sink into a dark void.