Thursday, August 10, 2006


As I made my way to Ryloth, I sat back and thought about the last time I had been home.
My heart raced as I thought about my uncle, and of those on my fathers side of family. None would be happy to see me.
Seeing how when I was a little child I helped Master Tholme and my master Quinlan Vos. And when I came back years later and killed my Uncle Pol.
I’ve also got no family left on Ryloth but it’s still home, seeing how my mother died when I was going on 3. She was expecting at the time that she died and it was around that time that my father ran off with another woman. I don’t remember if he left before or after she died but I do remember the pain of being forced to live with Uncle Pol and how he forced to me to learn how to dance from one of the older girls.
I’ve tried to forget those days and how much I’ve had to suffer.
When Master Tholme and Master Vos took me with them. Well after many long and pointless talks with my Uncle Pol, and seeing how in the end it came down to me having the last say. I don’t regret leaving but I do regret not know if I have younger sibling or not.
I wonder what other little family secrets or lies are waiting for me this time.