Monday, September 04, 2006

Ryloth part 2 My home

As I landed my ship, I saw that my homeworld had changed since the last time I had been there.

I reminded myself that I had lost everything when I agreed to be a Jedi and now looking what is left of my home. I unclipped my lihgtsaber and placed it in a box.

"I don't need this anymore." I told myself as I left the ship.

I looked at Boots and slowly said "Stay with the ship, I'll be back before sunset." as I walked out of the ship and into the ruins of what use to be my parents home.

Images flashed before my eyes of things I wanted to forget. I slowly sat down on the floor and just stared at what should have been a happy, loving place. But it wasn't, I heard more yelling and dishes breaking then anyone else in the order.

I started to rock slowly back and forth as memories played in my head. As I remember my mother walking out the door followed shortly after by my father. I don't remember what happened but I do remember it was hours before my uncle came and took me back to his place.

After a while I got back up and brushed myself off as I decided to walk futher into the building.

I paused at a door that lead to court yard, I noticed that the sun was setting and I remembered that I told Boots that I would be back but I really had no intent on going back.

I don't think he knows that, I told myself as I walked through the court yard.

I stopped at a bench that was on the other side and sat down to watch the sunset. The rich colors were nothing that I've very seen before in my life.

As twilight set in around me I stood up and looked around. I noticed that there was a candle burning inside one of the buildings.