Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ryloth Part 3

They say home is where the heart is or something like that. Maybe I should have paid more attention in class. But with Erifia in almost all of my classes, I really had a hard time paying attention to the teachers.

As I stood there watching this candle flicker in the dying light. The force wrapped around me as a sadness that came as the candle flicker and went out.

I stood still as I waited for whoever to relight their candle but as the hours went by I realized that the person who lit it may have been trying to tell their love one to come home.

I slowly turned and walked away, knowing that I wasn't the one they were waiting for to come home. I knew if they had seen me that I have made one more mistake by turning away and leaving. But I wasn't who they thought I was so for the most part it was for the best.

And no one at the temple would do such a thing for me anyway.